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Friday, March 05, 2004

Yes, I'm aware that Angel is being cancelled. Given the craptastic nature of the last two episodes, I grow increasingly apathetic. I haven't wanted to change the channel so badly since... well, since Cordelia boned Conner. Marriage did not transfer any acting ability whatsoever to Mr. Alyson Hannigan. He can do the dorky physical humor, and the badass, but not the grieving vengeful lover. God, I miss Giles. And Buffy. And Willow. Hell, I'd even take Dawn at the moment (but not Kennedy). There were a few highlights, namely the verbal sparring between Spike and Angel, but that's not enought to propel a show. Besides, I hate what they've done with Spike's character. The Spike I know and love would have continued condemning Angel and the gang for joining up with Wolfram and Hart in his snarky way, and would have gone after Buffy in a heartbeat. I suppose I'll hang in there for Marsters' performance, and in the hopes that SMG will make an appearance, but who knows. At this point, I'm taping it while I watch the OC, but I'm beginning to think that maybe the OC is more deserving of preservation on VHS.

Speaking of the OC, it appears that my latest TV character crush (Seth! aka Adam Brody) has a thing for Death Cab. He plays Magic the Gathering, and considers Watchmen, Sandman and DK2 the foundation upon which one should initiate comic book obsession. Is this a match made in heaven? I bet he likes the Shins as well. I wonder how he feels about the Postal Service, or if he's reading 1602. Cause if he hasn't heard them yet, I'd be happy to introduce him.


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