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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Random things

Piped Macarons.

A few more photos here.

Just watched the finale of Arrested Development (again). Hilarious stuff, of course, but I'm a little sad over its demise. And I came to a realization - this show gets a lot of mileage out of incest jokes. How does a show manage to make incest funny? Brilliant stuff, I say. Hopefully, this last season will be released on DVD soon, and we'll be able to free up some TiVO space. Perhaps Showtime will pick it up. Why do I always champion doomed TV shows? With my luck, Veronica Mars will be the next to get the axe. Sigh.

Speaking of inappropriate humor, who knew Bob Saget could be so dirty? I'd heard he was dirty before, and his appearance on Entourage kinda cemented it, but Zack and I watched the Aristocrats this afternoon, and I'd heard the jokes get pretty extreme - I'd even heard that Saget's version was by far the dirtiest - but damn. You have to watch it to believe it.

Okay, I have a confession. I am official a Lost addict. It is totally engrossing, though I think that Matthew Fox's character ("Jack") is exactly the same kind of character he played on "Party of 5," so I keep calling him Charlie. But that creates confusion, since there *is* a character named Charlie played by Dominic Monaghan... I call him "Merry." Anyways, Zack and I fininished the first season last month, and we just started the second. I swear, it's like crack!

Of course, I have to say something about the Grammys. Yes, I watched it. I actually sat through all three and a half hours of it. I am such a loser. But I wanted to watch Gorillaz and Kanye and U2 and (okay) Kelly Clarkson perform. So what? Anyways, I liked Alicia and Beyonce's dresses the best. Madge looked great - I can't believe she's 47! And about U2 winning album of the year... of course, I was happy about that. But from my attempt at an unbiased opinion... I think it was more like a "sorry we didn't give it to you for Achtung Baby (Eric Clapton Unplugged won) or All that You Can't Leave Behind (Steely Dan won)" plus "Hey, this Bono guy does a shitload of humanitarian work" award. Because quite frankly, those two albums were stronger than "Atomic Bomb". Then again, I think that the only other album that really shone in that category was Late Registration, but I'm sure that Rolling Stone cover didn't help Kanye.


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