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Monday, June 09, 2003

Zack received ordered and received the Animatrix recently (thank you Super Saver Shipping!). I must admit, after watching Matrix Reloaded, I had my doubts. The Animatrix is a series of 9 animated shorts about the Matrix. You’ve probably heard about “Final Flight of the Osiris,” a prequel to Matrix Reloaded, that was shown when “Dreamcatcher” was released. A few tell the story of how the machines took over, one is a film noir detective search for Trinity, and another is about some children who discover a glitch (temporal fold? wormhole?) within the Matrix. Zack and I agree that the highlight was “The Kid,” the story about how Popper (the teenaged groupie from “Matrix Reloaded”) self-substantiates. The cells and the animation are simply amazing. There’s a shot that I keep coming back to... it’s just a pack of crows who have been disrupted from their rooftop perch, fluttering against a blue sky. See it, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The low point (which Zack and I also agreed on) was “Matriculated.” We’re not sure, exactly, what was going on in it, except that Peter Chung (the director) drops a lot of acid. I *think* it might be about how some Zionites try to convert a machine but I honestly have no idea.