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Friday, November 16, 2007

New guilty pleasure.

Gossip Girl. Not a particularly huge surprise, given all the comparisons to the OC. I'll admit that although this show is right down my alley, I resisted the OC, after all, is loosely based on my old 'hood, and I presumed that a show about Manhattan teen bluebloods wouldn't be all that. However, the pilot was free on iTunes, so I downloaded it and enjoyed it. I still was undecided whether the show was TiVO queue worthy, so I missed the subsequent episodes until last week, when the writers' strike started. Now I'm catching up, and I'm Team Blair all the way! Nate, the douchiest teen soap character to grace the tube since Marissa Cooper, doesn't deserve her. Serena's got the best closet, but beneath that golden girl exterior is a skank with a superiority complex who'll bang her best friend's boyfriend. Dan is a more manly and less geeky Seth Cohen, but Vanessa is the Oliver of the show. And Chuck well, he was pretty vile in the pilot, but with last week's episode, the writers have managed to make the sometime date rapist appear somewhat redeemable. What a mindfuck. What is it about those bad boys? Spike on Buffy, Logan on Veronica Mars, Sawyer on Lost, hell, Volchok (until he got wussy) on the OC.