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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bombs away!

As much as I blather on about Death Cab and Ben Gibbard, it's really Bono and the boys who will always own my heart. Yeah, I know they're as big as it gets, and they're stadium rock. I just watched SNL, and they totally rocked out. I don't know of too many other bands have been together that long (25 years!) and can still bring down the house like that, mullets, platform shoes, corporate sponsorship and all (psst! they didn't get paid for the iTunes ad, BTW).

I was watching "Under a Blood Red Sky" on MTV2 earlier today - it was shot over 20 years ago - and it occured to me that they were younger back then then I am now. Fuck, I'm old. I remember my brother playing "War" for me when it came out, and rocking out to "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Yes, I've been (and remained) a fan for that long. You could even say I'm a superfan. I can't wait til they tour again.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Monday, November 08, 2004

happy happy joy joy

I'm currently listening to my iPod, playing a certain yet-to-be-released album obtained on the sly, and it's fucking awesome!!! I know it's not much, but it helps, just a little, to take the sting out of last Tuesday.

And if you try to take my precious away, I may just start screaming and tossing lawn furniture in the pool. Oh wait... I don't have a pool. Or lawn furniture. Oh well. I'll just have to settle for throwing a folding chair in the tub.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The countdown begins...

On a much more superficial note, my guilty pleasure has gone digital. And there's less than 24 hours til the season premiere!

What kind of drunken debacle has that crackhead Marissa gotten herself into? Has JuJu filed for divorce from CayCay yet? Did my TV boyfriend get to Tahiti? How did Summer cope with him running out on her? Is Ryan going to get out of marrying Theresa? And how are KiKi and Sanford dealing an empty nest?

We'll find out tomorrow night! Until then, I have the DVDs.

I can't believe the news today...

I can't close my eyes and make it go away...

Oh, but if only I could.

I tried to be objective. I tried to think of anything good that village idiot has done in the last four years. Really, I did. And I couldn't, honest to God, think of a single damn thing. When Clinton left, the budget was balanced - now there's a deficit. California was punished after the energy crisis for supporting Gore. Yeah, they like to talk about that tax break, but it really only applied to like, less than one percent of the country - his buddies, or what he likes to call, "my base." The environment is completely fucked. Corporate responsibility is at an all time low, and outsourcing is becoming the norm. You can just forget about any kind of healthcare plan. Every other country in the world hates us. Oh yeah, and there's a little mess in the Middle East called Iraq. And as a final capper, I was listening to NPR this evening, and the hosts were talking about the kinds of judges who would be appointed to the Supreme Court. Great. That's just great.

I'm moving to Canada.